Fundraising Basketball Tournament

SLAM JAM is our annual fundraising event that is held during the spring semester. It is a 3v3 basketball tournament that encourages students of all skill levels and backgrounds to participate in a friendly competition. All proceeds from this event go towards our philanthropy!


Fall & Spring Retreats

Social Bonding Events

Each semester our Social committee organizes a fall and spring retreat for our sophomores. These retreats allow all of our members to bond and to become closer friends. Some of the locations we have spent our last retreats at were Caldwell and Emma Long Park in Austin!


Bake Sale

Fundraising Northgate Bake Sale

We hold an annual bake sale as our fall fundraiser at Northgate. In preparation for bake sale, sophomores bake goods with their Big families and in turn sell them at Northgate. The proceeds for Bake Sale go towards our philanthropy, Voices for Children!


Street Clean-Up

Service Event

SLAM adopted a street on Barron Road right in front of College Station High School. Each semester, our Service committee puts on a couple of street clean-up events to ensure that our street looks nice and clean!

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