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"SLAM has really changed the way I get to know people and has introduced me to some of the best people I've ever met. I’ve gained a new confidence in myself to meet and make connections with as many people as I can, and because of it I’ve grown to love meeting new people that I can now laugh and share perspective with."


"This is the most inclusive organization I have ever been a part of. Sophomores Leading and Motivating is an opportunity for people to not only get involved on campus but to grow as individuals. I know for myself and all of the people in the organization, SLAM has allowed each of us to find our home at Texas A&M."

I love SLAM, it has allowed me to gain leadership skills while also meeting so many impactful people. I will forever be grateful for the growth I have seen through this organization!!!"

"The best thing about SLAM is how welcoming everyone is. I've found a great support system and lasting memories with lifelong friends!"

"I have gained so many life long friends and memories from this organization. Before I was in SLAM I was very unsure of myself and I struggled with my self worth, but because of SLAM I've grown into a leader and the best version of myself that I've always wanted to become. If you're looking for a place where you can call home, truly be authentic, be accepted, and grow into a leader SLAM is where you belong."

"What I love about SLAM is how intentional every single person in it is. They make you feel like home instantly. I love being able to grow in my leadership skills with my best friends and serving our community while also having the time of our lives. SLAM is filled with such accepting individuals, unconditional love, and unforgettable memories. I love it here. SLAM is my family always <3"

"I love the welcoming and comforting atmosphere that is created through SLAM. Everyone is so nice and you can 100% be yourself. I love that people are extremely authentic with each other and encourage each other."


"Everyone in SLAM is welcoming and ready to be your friend, it’s a place where you can be yourself without judgment."

"I love how slam is about to cultivate an environment of friendship among groups of different people. Slam has brought me out of my comfort zone and given me so many authentic relationships! When I needed support SLAM came alongside me and supported me. This organization has created a home for me at Texas A&M!"

"I love Slam because of the community that it provides for sophomores. Slam cultivates an atmosphere that encourages people to get out of their shells and meet more authentic and genuine people"

"The memories created with the most real people ever. Everyone is unique and themselves, and that’s what made me fall in love with SLAM!!"

"What I love most about SLAM is the environment and the people. Slam encourages people and gives them an opportunity to make friends and form good relationships"

"What I love most about SLAM is the environment and the people. Slam encourages people and gives them an opportunity to make friends and form good relationships"

"Something I've learned from SLAM is that friendships aren't something that can be forced, they are created from people who genuinely care about you and want to get to know you. Because of this, I have found my forever people in this organization”.

"You immediately feel like you are part of a family that you can share anything with and SLAM allows you to feel at home when you are in college and make some of your best friends. SLAM has been a great place for me to grow in my leadership skills and foster relationships"

“SLAM provides such a great support system and constantly encourages everyone to be the best versions of themselves. The people in this organization will drop anything in a split second to help you out or even just to check in on you.”

“Going outside your comfort-zone can be terrifying, but this comes with the greatest experiences and personal growth possible. Through this organization, I’ve gained a level of confidence I never thought I would achieve and some of my best friends that I’ll carry far past school SLAM has been a safe environment for me to let my guard down and be able to really make authentic relationships.”

"What I love about Slam is that everyone is so kind all of the time and down to have a good time night or day. I have met some of the most amazing people through this organization!" 

"What I love about SLAM is the community I found in it. I had no clue I’d meet a ton of my current friends through it. SLAM is the best!"

“The best thing about SLAM is the instant and lasting connections I have made. SLAM has taught me what it means to be passionate about leadership, inclusivity, and the community.”

 "The best thing about SLAM is the insane amount of unconditional love and support that you experience from the people around you. Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely wants you to be there and be yourself. Not only did I gain a huge support group and family, but most importantly I experienced a lot of self growth and was able to learn who I was and want to be.”

"SLAM creates a family out of different people who may not interact otherwise— it’s a unique environment. This org is really just a group of people who start off as strangers with all different backgrounds and personalities but then quickly become best friends that support one another! There’s such a genuine vibe here where you’re encouraged to be your authentic self and genuinely build meaningful relationships."

"SLAM is the best place to find your truest self and your best friends. It provides a safe space for you to be vulnerable, goofy, and to constantly have fun with so many people. Whether you are with like minded or completely different people, SLAM has everything you can possibly need in an inclusive, diverse organization."

"I've gained a lot of leadership and confidence through SLAM. This org aught me the best values to hold in my life My favorite part is just being able to be around so many amazing people and making lifelong friends”. 

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